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Speak to your body with love.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Science shows us that the thoughts we think, such as, “I feel tired” or, “I feel overwhelmed” or “I feel stressed out” actually impact our neurophysiology and ultimately impact the health and behaviour of the 37 trillion cells in our body. Isn't amazing? So next time you are telling yourself a similar storyline, just remind yourself of this fun fact!

You deserve to feel good, you are worthy of abundant health and most importantly you have the power to support your body in its healing process and get back to thriving health.

Here are the two main tools for you to start implementing now to begin that health shift you are worthy of:

1. Take a moment each morning and ask yourself, “How can I better support you? How can I nourish you? What’s something I can do to make you feel good?” Listen carefully to what yourself says, and honour it.

2. Talk to yourself with love and kindness. If you find yourself starting most of your sentences with things like, “I’m so stressed” or “I’m so busy” or “I’m overwhelmed” or anything else that creates tension or anxiety, shift it. Take it from a place of stress and worry to a place of ease and hope. Replace these thoughts with "There’s a lot on my plate but I’m asking for help and I can delegate” or “I’m getting better at managing my stress” or “Life is good. And I’m doing my best.” This method recalibrates your energy, so feel the good vibrations and let them move through your body.

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