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Indulging with purpose

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Have you been trying to hide cookies, treats or chocolates behind other things in the kitchen? Don't feel bad, it happens a lot! So why is it so hard to quit sugar or at least try to cut down?

Sugar is the body’s preferred form of energy. When we eat sugar, our brain releases chemical rewards, like the neurotransmitter dopamine. That is why sometimes people feel like they are addicted to sugar. Reducing sugar in your diet though can lead to significant improvement in your body's function and performance.

Here some of my tips from my personal toolkit – take what is useful to you and just leave the rest in the box:

  • Remove trigger foods from your kitchen cabinets and even from the entire house so that you won't be tempted next time that you are passing by.

  • Drink more water!! As soon as the sugar craving arises, try first to drink a glass of water (dehydration triggers food cravings), so drinking enough water is one of the easiest ways to keep cravings in check.

  • Write it down. For some people keeping a food log can be very useful as it can help you understand your eating habits and patterns. This can be a very effective way to help change behaviour.

A more sustainable way to eat less sugar and decrease those cravings is to make sure that what you’re eating is nutritious, substantial enough, and versatile. Instead of going days without any sugar, think about what you can eat daily to balance your blood sugar.


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