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A beginner's guide to meditation

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The are so many different ways to bring more mindfulness into your life and meditation is one of them! There is a tendency to believe that whilst meditating you have to be able to clear your mind of all your thoughts to reach a zen-like state. However, meditation really is the act of slowing down your mind to be present.

Create a space that works for you and make time, or use some of the most unusual moments (that's enough too!):

  • Listening to a guided meditation while doing your makeup or walking

  • During your commute (on the train, taxi, or aeroplane)

  • In the bathroom. Yes, I’m serious, this is one of my quietest spaces in my home at times

  • In the morning/afternoon/evening the second you get a moment to yourself instead of scrolling through Instagram.

You don't have to necessarily sit up straight with your legs crossed and eyes closed to be able to meditate. In addition, you can take advantage of that call that ends 5 minutes early, or when someone is running late to meet you. There are always opportunities to shift your perception towards time to start to find many more moments to close your eyes and become more present.

Just get comfortable. Whether that means sitting up, curled up in your favourite sofa or laying down flat. Just find a position you can stay still in. It's a good idea to always start with some deep breaths (deep from your belly!) so that you can start to relax. Start scanning your body, head to toes and once done with that, go back to breathing.

Our brains are complex machines, and it is very hard to try and shut off thoughts all together. Instead try to clear your mind, so when a thought comes into your head, just acknowledge it and then let it pass. Using personal affirmations or mantras can help you to stay focused on your body, and in the present moment.

TRY A GUIDED MEDITATION. There are tons out there. I currently use the app "Calm", which I absolutely love. These guided sessions are a great way to learn more about the practice and help you find out what works for you.

Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. The most important thing is that you stay committed with your daily practice, which doesn't have to go on and on and even just five minutes every day can be so effective. You might find that you will start craving that more and more and eventually build on from that.

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