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5 Steps toward a healthy relationship with yourself.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

  1. Practice setting healthy personal boundaries. Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. (Note: If it’s not a yes, then it’s a no!) Reflect on your self-respect. Answer the following questions in a journal: “Where am I putting myself last?” and “What am I tolerating that I don’t want to be?” Prioritise acts of self-love.

  2. Pause. Experiment with meditation. Practice deep breathing. Try the 6-3 breathing technique. (Breathe in for six counts, hold for three counts, exhale for six counts, and pause for three counts; repeat).

  3. Explore who you are. Go beyond what other people have told you you’re supposed to be by asking yourself: “What’s my truth?” Give yourself permission to be someone different today than you were yesterday.

  4. Put yourself out there. Trust that you are safe to express yourself in a bolder way than usual even if others don’t fully approve. Listen to your physical body. Trust that your body is always sending important signals. Try naming how you feel right now aloud.

  5. Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can already. Recognize that wherever you are is a beautiful point in your journey.

Remember: We are always growing and expanding to become more, so it really is about enjoying the journey and not rushing towards a destination.

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